Reason to Book

A Haven on the Highway

Willow Springs is Tranquility personified and you will feel the warmth enveloping you as you pass by the huge welcoming gates.Willow Springs Resort is located on the Medchal highway in Hyderabad city. It takes about 30 minutes drive from the national highway 7.


Plan your Corporate off site. Office picnic at our resort fully equipped conference facility and huge outdoor lawns for team building exercises and group activities

School Picnics

School Picnics are the highlight of every school kid’s academic year. Our beautifully landscaped gardens that we’ve designed is the ideal spot for recreation. With ample space for children to eat, play and run around, every school picnic will be a memorable one with us.


We don’t just promise a wonderful stay, they also promise a spectacular food. Here, it’s easy to combine the best of both dining and hospitality in one go.


Water Games

Beat the heat in our exclusively designed water park! Filled with lots of fun activities for adults and children to bond in, this is the perfect getaway for your family this festive season.


Put on your dancing shoes because we’re offering the best disco in town! We provide fantastic tunes, funky disco lights


Rain Dance

Get ready to heat the beat with Shots and pamper your feet with the Foot Spa and get wild with the grape crushing and take a sip and dip yourself into rain dance